We are Dan and Kamil. A black-haired lad from the city of Luhačovice and a blond-haired bloke originally from Slovakia, two creative guys in their thirties who decided to change the current concept of accommodation in the Czech Republic and to break the fixed stereotypes. And so the Czech Glamping (Český glamping) was born. Glamping is an accommodation which is trendy and comfy and which doesn`t disturb the beautiful Czech countryside at the same time. We say no to socialist-style of cottages with paper walls where the waste is not separated. At the same time, we don`t want to support huge hotel sites where food and toiletries are being wrapped into the plastics and where guests are packed with another hundreds of people as in the hutch.

Czech Glamping creates an accommodation "in the heart of wilderness" where guests have enough privacy and a piece of countryside for their own and where they feel welcome and special. We also bear in mind that holiday is about comfort and luxury both of which our Glamping offers. We both share similar values such as  ecologysustainability and a kind of personal responsibility for human presence in the nature. That`s why we strive to run an accommodation that doesn`t leave any (or imperceptible) trace, and that is tastefully set into a picturesque countryside of the Czech Republic.

In our lives we have visited many places on the basis of which we made a list of what we miss in the present accommodation establishments. We were looking for an ideal place where we would like to spend our leisure time and to have a rest. Just as we don`t mind spending holiday camping in the tent and having a piece of bread and tea for our lunch, we easily go out in the evening in our best clothes to have a dinner in a luxurious restaurant where we enjoy amenities of the modern world. And that`s exactly what we provide to our guests thanks to glamping by the spa of Luhačovice. Because life is so colourful so why not to enjoy a bit of everything!